Mollynewf - David & Carol Taylor

Jersey based Newfoundland Breeders


Black Brown
Photograph of Carol Taylor with a black Newfoundand

I grew up in Canada and fell in love with Newfies in the 1960's when we lived next door to a lovely boy called Casey. It took a while for me to own a Newf in my own right, in fact not until the late 1990's when I convinced my husband David to let me have our first wonderful girl called Molly.

Our kennel affix "Mollynewf"" was conceived with little imagination but overwhelming love for our first Newfoundland who gave us our first litter of three little girls. We breed very infrequently and usually when we want another Newf for ourselves. Our dogs are primarily our pets and live indoors with us. As a working breed we do train them for water and draught working tests and dabble in showing from time to time.

Very recently to diversify our bloodline we imported two puppies from Canada with the help from Caroline Scott who joint owns them with us. We decided to import from Canada as that is where the breed originated and going back there was important to me.

Carol Taylor