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We hope you find the information on this web site useful if you are looking for a Newfoundland puppy and that it will enable you to make an informed choice regarding a suitable breeder.

Better Breeders Scheme

The aim of the Better Breeders Scheme, operated by the Southern Newfoundland Club, is to promote the best possible standards of breeding with the objective of producing physically and mentally healthy puppies and to assist puppy buyers in finding a breeder with suitable puppies.

Advice on Choosing a Puppy

Sensible and practical advice is available here with checklists that help to ensure you know what you should expect from a breeder when purchasing a Newfoundland puppy.

Health Information

Detailed information on why health checks are important and why they appear here for the parents of puppies for sale from the Better Breeders.


The Southern Newfoundland Club welcomes feedback on the Better Breeders Scheme and reviews compliance with the criteria for membership of the Scheme on a regular basis. Any comments or feedback from puppy purchasers or from breeders will be considered as part of our reviews. Puppy purchasers are asked to return a Feedback Form which can be downloaded here.

Why choose a Better Breeders puppy?

We have seen many changes in breeding practices, most for the good of the breed, but what is patently obvious is that ANYONE can breed a litter and sell pups to unsuspecting owners. We believe that the SNC Better Breeders Scheme will help to standardise and create a consistent breeding practice that can help reassure potential Newfoundland Puppy owners that they are getting their new family member from the best possible source.

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