Bagglebears - Jeffrey & Kay Burridge

South Wales based Newfoundland Breeders


Black Brown
Photograph of Kay Burridge

We have been owned by Newfoundlands since 1999 and are very active in working our dogs, many of who have been very successful in both Water and Draught tests. We can occassionally be found in the show ring too.

A lifelong dream of breeding our first litter of Newfoundlands was achieved in 2011 - we only breed when we want a puppy or two for oursleves to contunue working and showing but we are happy to receive enquiries from anyone wanting to know about the breed or if we have a litter planned.

All of our puppy owners have remained good friends and we delight in meeting up with all of our puppies and enjoy seeing them grow and succeed in the show ring and at working events.

The health and temperament of the Newfoudland is very important to us and we strive to ensure we produce healthy well-balanced dogs.

Jeffrey & Kay Burridge