Acaviste - Liz Cole

Carmarthenshire based Newfoundland Breeder



I would like to introduce myself, Liz Cole and my Kennel; Acaviste. I am based in a beautiful part of West Wales primarily to enjoy the wonderful beaches with my dogs. I have only been in Newfoundlands for around 10 years however during that time I have completely immersed myself in learning and loving this wonderful breed. I am proud to refer to many of the people in the Better Breeders Scheme as friends and respected mentors. Hardly a day goes by where I am not asking new questions about the breed.

I currently have four adults Newfs and a Polish Lowland Sheepdog who are all either shown or retired from the show ring. In addition, we have recently been able to join one of the working newfoundland groups and enjoy the discipline of water training and rescue under expert guidance. I am passionate about the health of this breed, in particular heart health and also the wonderful temperament that we should expect is something that I aim to reproduce in my litters.

I have previously bred a litter in 2018 which resulted in one very much loved boy who lives locally to me in West Wales. His family have now become great friends and he comes here to stay occasionally and for grooming. He qualified for Crufts at his first show.

I welcome any enquiries that you may have and if I cannot answer them I can refer you to my more learned peers. As I have a very small kennel I will not breed very frequently.