Alsden - Deanne Aplin

Dorset based Newfoundland Breeder



The Alsden affix was established in 1999, the 'Al' is my dad's name Alan and the 'den' is for Denise my mother's name, pronounced "Al’s Den". We started the affix with our beloved Golden Retrievers who I showed with some success and bred some stunning litters. Sadly the last of my line passed away from cancer.

After a break, we decided it was too painful to have another golden so decided to get a Newfoundland puppy, a breed I was very familiar with due to the fact my family are actually from St. Johns, Newfoundland and always had Newfoundlands!

My current Newfoundland is Merrybear Krystal for Alsden (Prada to her friends) from the famous Merrybear kennel and she is a fantastic member of our family. She loves to swim, show and even does draughtwork. For Prada everyday is the best day of her life!

Prada is fully health tested and we hope to have 'Pradlettes' in the summer 2020.